Zsa Zsa Zsú: Business and creative path

Zsa Zsa Zsú is a boutique located in the center of Zaragoza, and whose purpose is to offer a counterpoint to the repetitive chain of stores, thus creating a new space with a different and special kind of fashion. We try to extol uniqueness and promote individual taste as an alternative to the dictatorship that huge firms impose every season. To that end, we have combined both New and Second-Hand Collections.Recycling applied to fashion has a long tradition in other cities like Madrid, London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, L.A., Tokyo… Why not Zaragoza? After this first year, we have realized how second-hand articles sales have increased month by month, and all this despite the short tradition of this kind of commerce in our region.

We’ve paid great attention to every detail to get over any prejudice against second-hand articles: therefore, we are especially careful about the decoration in our shop, the order, display and labeling of our products, the air perfume, and even the spaciousness of our changing rooms… In this way, we have created a place to relax, a nice and warm space to be and buy. One of our great interests is good interpersonal skills, because in our establishment every customer matters, and we try to make our relationship with them always warm and personal. As owners and sellers we deeply know the product so we can advice better.

One of our strong points in the short path of Zsa Zsa Zsú has been without any doubt our marketing strategies, of high impact and low cost. Our restless spirits tell us not to stop…ever. So in one and a half year we have been able to organize thematic parties, workshops, fashion shows, gatherings, speeches…, we have taken active part in tv programs, magazines, shop window competitions, solidarity associations etc., etc.

The philosophy of our project results from an honest concern with the environment and responsible consuming. So far, Zsa Zsa Zsú has been the first retail trade awarded with one star in the Aragonese Companies Project for the Environmental Excellence Not only do we base our activity on fashion recycling, but we are also committed with any action that helps to minimize environmental impact.

And you … do you feel Zsa Zsa Zsú?